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Prep N Set Blur Powder

Prep N Set Blur Powder
Prep N Set Blur Powder
Prep N Set Blur Powder
Prep N Set Blur Powder

Prep N Set Blur Powder

As close to botox and surgery as you can get! This setting powder not only gives you a long lasting matte finish, but it also helps blur the tiniest of wrinkles and lines. Apply just a tiny bit of it, watch as your make up stays on all day long while also hiding those pesky fine lines.

    Controls shine from oil and sweat, while making your skin feel soft and smooth
    Allows your foundation to stay fresh and perfect all day long.
    With just a single use, it'll help cover up even the finest lines.
$45.99 $69.99

Hide The Fine Lines

  • Benefits

  • Helps heal the skin via the natural compounds, while hiding imperfections.

  • Works on every skin tone and hides even the smallest problem spots.

  • Completely Organic And Natural. Stop using toxic ingredients, they do more and more damage

Look Young Again

  • Easy Application

    Apply just a little bit ontop of your foundation to hide even the tiniest lines

  • Protects Your Make Up

    Allows your foundation to "set", making it last hours longer, getting rid of oil and sweat!

  • Turn Back Time

    Look years younger, while having the look of fresh make up all day long.

Customer Reviews


“This product has been amazing! I apply it every single time I wear make up. As advice to everyone else, use just a tiny bit of it and you'll see amazing results. It allows my make up to feel great throughout the entire day, and helps hide small fine lines. "

- Brit F, 49

Verified Buyer


"Love it. Love it! Must have for anyone wearing foundation. It goes great ontop of your regular make up routine. Helps cover up these tiny wrinkles around my eyes and lips. "

- Jennifer Y, 38

Verified Buyer


"I recommended this to all my friends, and now they use it too. You can feel the natural ingredients of this product. It feels great on my skin and makes all of my other products feel better as well. Not to mention that it helps cover up discolorations I have.."

- Stephanie K, 25

Verified Buyer

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